The only thing you must take into account is that you are in the frequency of welfare, helth and success.

You must be that vibration, and you will automatically receive that reality


Balance your energy field, the energy fields of your loved ones and animals

We are information, energetic beings who occupy physical space, our body. We are not machines, but a system whose subsystems, that is, organs, are mutually connected and coordinated. These subsystems are not separated from each other; they exist in perfect harmony and continually exchange energy and information. People were created to be happy and healthy; if that is not the case, something is wrong with the information system within them or with some external influence. The exchange of information between the cells is the basis of life. The organism exchanges information between the cells within itself, as well as with the external environment. Before the disease occurs, there is a disruption in the information, either under the influence of the external environment or some internal factors. After that, energy deficit in a cell occurs, and that is what one can see with the help of modern diagnostic equipment, such as ultrasound, scanner or magnetic resonance.


Our body, as an energy system

Our body, as an energy system, is in constant energetic interaction with its environment. Every individual has his or her own energy field within the Universe. Our mental and physical body is spontaneously filled and nourished by life energy (qi, chi, prana, bioplasma, etc.) from the Universe. The flow of that energy, which is invisible to many, allows the life on Earth and beyond.

Our aura, our energy field is our defence or immune system. It contains all the information about our health or our diseases. When our energy field is balanced and evenly surrounds our body, we are healthy, calm, and we live a harmonious life. However, when our energy, our aura, is unevenly distributed, we are in imbalance and we get sick. The imbalance of the energy field is a potential seat of different diseases. The appearance of a disease on the physical level of human existence is merely an indication that there has been a lack or an excess of energy at a particular place within the energy field for some time.


The analysis of photos taken by GDV camera

The analysis of photos taken by GDV camera which represents the computer processing of Kirlian photography by Dr. K. Korotkov from St. Petersburg and captures the human aura in real time confirms the direct relationship between the shape and the size of aura and the human energy condition. Besides the circulatory, the lymphatic and other systems, there is also an energy system. The system of energy channels and meridians goes through and connects all organs and parts of the body. At present, the analysis of GDV CAMERA is the most acceptable method for gaining insight into one’s state of the energy system.

The system of chakras or energy centres has been established and acknowledged for thousands of years. Chakras are energy transformers which connect our body with the universal cosmic energy. They are connected with spinal nerves and they affect the health of our body and spirit. Chakras “suck“ the energy and send it to endocrine glands, nerves and blood with the help of over 80 000 energy channels and meridians. There are seven chakras, and it is essential that they are balanced and opened to the flow of energy because each of them is connected with specific organs, glands and nerves. The more energy flows through chakras, the healthier is the person. When chakra cannot metabolise energy, it is blocked, the flow of energy is too weak, and certain parts of body are not supplied with an adequate amount of energy. As a result, “malfunctions“ and distractions known as physical diseases and various mental difficulties are gradually formed.


GDV camera footage of chakras shows a significant improvement in the position and size of chakras before and after 40 days of balancing.












Measurement of the biofield with the help of GDV CAMERA yielded concrete results which show aura before balancing with the help of NAJA METHOD and 40 days after balancing.


















It is evident that NAJA METHOD awakens and strengthens the energy potential of health and welfare of each individual. Furthermore, it restores and balances bioenergetic information which helps us activate our own self-programme.