My name is Nataša Zečević. I live and work in Europe. I devoted all of my time to helping others start their own process of self-healing and in that way recover and improve the quality of their lives. After helping others with bioenergy and balancing their energy field for several years, I realised that I should demonstrate a very simple, but extremely powerful technique of balancing energy fields, that is, of establishing NajaMetodWomanpsychophysical balance. I am a senior physiotherapist. During my studies and work, I noticed that treatment in modern medicine consists of healing the consequences, but not the cause of the problem, and therefore it does not contribute to recovery. When I needed help for the ones I love, I discovered a completely new, calm, healthier and happier world. I am eternally grateful for everything I discovered and it is my wish to share the knowledge I have at the time. There are many balancing and healing techniques. They all use the same energy from the Universe, they are very similar and equally effective. The differences are in the balance of the energy field of the person who channels the energy and in the openness and willingness of the person who receives the life energy. As we become healthier and happier, we create a vibration which corresponds to all the goods the universe can offer us, and in this way, we begin changing the energy of the whole planet. I am sincerely grateful for your contribution. Wishing you all the best, Nataša.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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