Online school is intended for those who want to help people they care about, or who want to become professionally engaged in energy healing.



Bioenergy healing, i.e. the healing with the help of bioenergy therapy, is the innate ability of every human being which takes place at the physical and psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual level at the same time. For the overall health, all levels should enable the flow of energy which runs within the body itself, but also towards other people and the environment. The energy operates precisely where it is most needed in a completely natural way, so that healing is fully aligned with the needs of each organism at a given time. Each and every person can be a healer, there is no magic or a secret ingredient – we are simply created in that way. Each body has the capability of self-healing. (remember how the body just knows how to heal a wound or a broken bone).

Advice for the proper and successful performance of energy healing treatments 

  1. When performing a bioenergetic treatment, make sure that it is always with the approval of a specific person (when you are giving a treatment to children or people who are currently not able to make a decision themselves, you need the approval of a parent or a guardian). Also, you should be asked to give a treatment; do not ask the others if you can give them a treatment.
  2. Do not involve the official medicine (diagnosis, therapy and course of treatment), there is nothing more ridiculous than an unskilled person trying to study and understand the medical reports.
  3. Do not present yourself as a “special person” – anyone can practice bioenergy.
  4. Do not determine a price for your therapy (give the state the amount for your duties that you get from a person as a reward for your work).
  5. Do not visualize and do not imagine (nor disease neither healing), just be a “flow channel” through which the flow of energy takes place.
  6. Teach at least one person how to perform a bioenergetic treatment.
  7. Do not exhaust yourself by trying to prove that there is a natural way of healing if a person does not want to accept this fact (we are not all at the same level of consciousness; there are always people who consider themselves “stronger, better and more successful” than you).
If you want to learn the basics of bioenergy healing therapy, pay in our webshop the amount of 90eur after which we will send you an e-mail containing instructions on transferring energy and a short video showing the movements performed during the treatment. The video will show the treatment of all organs and the descriptions of various diseases: cancer, stroke, Crohn’s disease, thyroid disorders… You will immediately be able to give a bioenergetic treatment.

The very beginning of creation is Light and Information; very quickly we encounter the wave/ energy, then the subatomic particles, then atoms, molecules, and eventually we come to the matter itself. If you agree with me, you will agree that we are made of LIFE ENERGY, which, like any other energy, can either flow freely or it may be blocked.

With the help of bioenergy / bioenergy therapy, we bring the energy of a certain person (animal) in the state in which it can flow freely, which will therefore reflect upon the state of the organism. Each organism has written what it needs for optimal performance in its aura.

Energy healing and official medicine complement each other perfectly, so feel free to receive energy therapies and official medicine therapies at the same time.

There is much space from energy to matter, which means that the person receiving a bioenergetic treatment can continue to take all the medications prescribed by his/ her doctor. Hospital tests may freely be performed, which is also desirable because in that way a person will get a proof for the improvement of his/ her health.

Dear friends, help someone you care about right away! Why wait for the conventional treatment to remain without its advantages – take the health of yourself and your loved ones in your own hands!

For the optimal results, perform bioenergy treatments in duration of 3 to 5 days. Beginners may start with 5 days. The more you practice, the more experience you will gain and therefore, you will become a “better channel”; you will feel much more energy, and the treatment will eventually be reduced to 3 days. This energy practice does not end with the last day of your performance; at least ten more days, the energy “builds up” to the level of your physical existence (which means that results can occur a few days after the treatment itself). If you reject all prior convictions of a chronic and incurable, you will get better and faster results. Life energy helps everyone, all the time. When it comes to energy healing, there are no heavy and light diseases and conditions. The energy will go exactly where it is most needed and will do whatever is necessary in each organism. Everyone has their own rhythm of change. An open mind, relaxation and the admission of proper healing are the best preconditions for access to healing. Bioenergy therapy does not require any special preparation – it is applicable immediately, always and everywhere.

Through my practice, it turned out that the optimal treatment lasts for 3 consecutive days. The therapies should be adjusted to the condition of the organism of a person on which you are performing the therapy. When you deal with severe conditions, make a two-day break after 3 or 5 days of treatment, and repeat it again. If the condition of the body is significantly disrupted, do the therapy two times a day. Later on, you can maintain the condition by performing the therapy one day a week or one day a month, until the next complete therapy. At least every 3 months, perform a complete treatment in duration of 3 to 5 days. You can also perform a therapy of isolated areas, e.g. when your child feels the pain in his/ her stomach while you are at the cinema, perform the therapy only for his/ her stomach, after which you can freely continue enjoying the movie.

Do not worry, there is no danger of an energy “overdose”. Each organism has written the current state of energy in its aura. When bringing fresh life energy, it is determined how much can an organism receive at a certain time. Everything more than that comes out of the body automatically, out of the aura and back into the Universe.

When you perform the treatment in this way, you use the energy from the Universe and it is your duty to be able to be a channel through which the energy will flow and through which everything will take place. Then you are also protected, because you do not use your own energy and of course, whenever you perform a treatment on somebody, your own body will benefit from it.



Naja method – bioenergy healing is not a substitute for modern medicine and medical treatment.