The effect of bio-energy healing distance therapy is the same, if not more intense than the “touch therapy”.


Therapy is conducted for 1-3 consecutive days in duration of approximately 20-25 minutes.

All you need for the therapy is to be comfortably accommodated within the scheduled term in the lying or sitting position and remain so for the next 30 minutes. If you’re in quiet surroundings and relaxed, you will feel the energy treatment (it is not necessary to be in quiet surroundings –feel free to sit in your office chair or sunbathe on the beach). You can feel: the warmth, coldness, tingling, flow of energy, etc. Changes of improvement of your situation will be felt within 3 days, but it still needs at least 10 days till the therapy is finished. You can treat everything from: strengthening of the immune system and anti-stress therapy, (which is the foundation of work), but also any medical diagnosis, which can be repeated – depending on the severity of disease and body condition and depending on what it is exactly about and which amount of stress you are exposed to, wrong lifestyle etc. All you need is to send a picture of your face (and an award for my work). Write an official medical diagnosis, or if you do not have it, describe briefly the current symptoms and disorders in the body and time which suits you so that we can schedule our therapy term (e.g. every day at 1 p.m.-CEST). Sessions are conducted via Skype for international clients. Bioenergy healing therapy is not in conflict with official medicine, you continue to drink your medication as you have been prescribed and only in consultation with the doctor are you to change them.


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