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If you want to learn the basics of bioenergy therapy, pay in our webshop the amount of 90 € after which we (Pay Pal) will send you an e-mail containing instructions on transferring energy and a short video showing the movements performed during the treatment. The video will show the treatment of all organs and the descriptions of various diseases: cancer, stroke, Crohn’s disease, thyroid disorders… You will immediately be able to give a bioenergetic treatment.

If it doesn’t show up soon, try checking your spam folder.


School for self healing


NAJA METHOD awakens and strengthens the energy potential of health and welfare of each individual. Furthermore, it restores and balances bioenergetic information which helps us activate our own self-healing programme. Instructions for balancing N.M. + video film cca. 15min


Bioenergy healing school


With the help of bioenergy / bioenergy therapy, we bring the energy of a certain person (animal) in the state in which it can flow freely, which will therefore reflect upon the state of the organism. instructions on transferring energy + film cca. 35min.


Bioenergy distance healing Sessions

are conducted via Skype

Bioenergy distance healing Therapy
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